New installation of hardwood floors

Installing new hardwood floors is a process and even though every client is different, most of the time a typical hardwood floor installation in the Northwest goes something like this:

  1. Eastside Hardwood gets together with the homeowner to discuss the goals of the project. We provide some wood samples and the homeowner picks the flooring species. Homeowners often already have a good idea of what they are looking for, and we provide feedback to them around the species selection and how it fits with the use of the floor. For instance, some hardwoods might not be a good match for high traffic areas or where moisture occurs (#nwliving)
  2. Once a flooring product is selected, Eastside Hardwoods prices out the product along with the installation of the product. 
  3. Once the estimate is agreed upon, the installation dates are agreed upon.
  4. Installation (and removal of old floor if needed) happens
  5. Customer signs off of the work and enjoys their new hardwood floors.