Hardwood Maintenance

We offer long term hardwood flooring maintenance! Hardwood floors can be maintained by being professionally cleaned, screened (lightly sanded) and coated with a new top coat of finish.  This process will restore the beauty and sheen of your hardwood floor.  While it does not fix deep scratches, dents or natural discoloration…It does take care of light surface scratches, and helps your floor shine like new.  We call this a “Screen and Coat” and it is typically reserved for floors that were finished/refinished within the last five years or so.  Most floors are so beat up and discolored, that a screen and coat would almost be a waste of money, and therefor would be better suited being refinished. Some floor finishes such as Rubio Monocoat require regular maintenance coats every few years.  Whatever the case may be with your Hardwood Floors, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your options moving forward.  If we determine your floor is best suited by refinishing, we will recommend that you do so when your schedule and budget allow.  Contact us for a free estimate!

Eastside Hardwood provides hardwood floor maintenance in the following cities:

Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah, Sammamish, Seattle, Shoreline, Lynnwood, Mercer Island and surrounding neighborhoods.